Sri Lankan Adventures To Last A Lifetime

nka, especially to catch the glorious sunrise is well worth waking up at some ungodly hour. And as for the height thing? The golden rays of the morning sun bursting through the clouds, the unfettered views of Sri Lanka’s lush landscapes and countrysides and your vantage point from which you can watch wildlife from afar will soon have you awestruck.

Go Whale Watching
Without a doubt, one of the best highlights of a holiday in Sri Lanka is watching these gentle marine beasts sluicing through the water. Combine that with a catamaran, warm sunshine, azure blue waters and a whole heap of friendly dolphins and you’ve got the recipe for an epic day out.

Get treated to the sight of pods of dolphins pirouetting through the water just a few feet away from your boat and if you score it at the right time of the year, you will be able to spot Blue whales swimming off the coast in Mirissa during October to March and in Trincomalee between April to September. It’s safe to say that spotting Blue Whales is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry!

Enjoy Whitewater Rafting
If you’re one of the people who yearn for heartstopping and adrenaline filled adventures in Sri Lanka, then the island’s rapids are for you. After all, What could be more thrilling than succumbing to the power of a mighty river and going along with its flow?

For the most action, head over to the Mahaweli River, known for it’s consistent 3-5 rapids. The Kotmale River also offers rafters 4-5 rapids that lasts about six hours. Kithulgala and Sitawake also offers epic rides on rapids ranging from 2-4. With no exceptions, everyone can enjoy a ride of a lifetime with life jackets and safety gears, but if you’re feeling queasy, there are plenty of jungle hikes and bird watching to do in these areas.

Experience Diving In The Deep Blue Sea
Nothing transports you to another world better than tackling the deep depths of the mighty sea. It’s in these mysterious depths that you can you discover the secret life of the marine world and Sri Lanka offers you the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. Besides the colourful coral gardens and schools of brightly hued tropical fish, Sri Lanka boasts of wrecks galore, thanks to its central location that was along popular ancient trade routes. Diving in Sri Lanka allows you to weave through these shipwrecks and unravel the mysteries that have been sunk to the ocean floor. Nothing will prepare you to sights that you will encounter in this silent, mysterious world.

Enjoy A Tuk Tuk Safari
If you think taking a Tuk Tuk ride is not an adventure, think again. One of Asia’s and Sri Lanka’s favourite modes of transport, Tuk Tuk rides are heaps of fun and thrilling too, especially if you decide to hop on one straight from your hotel and go for a long ride. From breakneck speeds (when the roads clear of any traffic, of course), singing local songs at the top of your voice and possible having your Tuk Tuk breaking down, be prepared to travel like you’ve never done before.

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